Non-Compete Covenants

Non-Compete Agreement Attorneys

Ward, Smith & Hill represents clients in a variety of cases involving covenants not to compete, an area of law governed by existing statutes and evolving case law. When hourly employees and corporate executives have access to customer lists, trade secrets, and confidential financial and process information, they sometimes leave their current company and later use that information to create a competitive disadvantage for their former employer. Companies have the right to assert certain restrictions against departing employees in order to prevent them from competing against their former employer.

The Texas Covenant Not to Compete Act and decisions by the Texas courts attempt to protect existing businesses while avoiding an undue burden on new businesses. Given that the fairness of your agreement can be weighed by the courts, an effective trial attorney is essential.

Ward, Smith & Hill understands the urgency involved with disputes over covenants not to compete. We understand these complex business contracts, and we regularly represent clients in these types of cases. Whether you are a former employee attacked unfairly, or a former employer wanting to enforce a valid agreement, the attorneys at Ward, Smith & Hill can help.

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