Family Law

Our family law practice includes divorces, child custody disputes, and proceedings to enforce divorce decrees and related orders. We also have considerable experience in divorces with large marital estates, which typically involve the characterization and value of closely held businesses, professional practices, real estate, and investments. We strive to help clients gain a favorable division of their marital estate and protect their separate assets, whether through settlement or trial.

In child custody disputes, our goal is to preserve our clients’ relationships with their children and provide a workable framework for possession and financial support. That requires a keen understanding of the personalities and relationships at stake, so we work closely with our clients to learn the intricacies of their situation.

Parties often need help to enforce the terms of their divorce decree or child-custody order. And many times, parties discover that child custody orders, while once workable, have become unworkable due to substantial changes in their professional or personal lives. Ward, Smith & Hill can help enforce or modify your family-law orders so they properly account for changed circumstances.

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